Opinion: We are striving to make our newsroom more like our community

Steve Bruss
Greenville News
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Our mission at The Greenville News is to tell stories that reflect the shared experiences of everyone in our community.

One of the most effective ways to do that is by building a newsroom that reflects the whole of our community – our friends, our neighbors, our coworkers – so that we can better understand their lives and help their stories be heard.

To that end, each year we publish a census to show you what progress we are making in becoming more representative of our community. The short answer is: We are not there yet.

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We have made progress in some areas, and we have come up short in others. But know that we will continue striving to make our workforce more representative of Greenville.

Our newsroom will reflect Greenville

The tough news is this: we don’t reflect Greenville. Not completely. That's especially true in the ranks of our leadership, which lacks ethnic diversity.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Greenville County is 14.8% Black, 7.1% Latino or Hispanic, 2% Asian, and 72.5% white.

Here’s what our newsroom looks like now: we are 19.2% Black, 73.1% white, and 3.8 percent Latino. We have no Asian staff members.

As we have opportunities to bring more journalists into our newsroom, we will do so with an eye toward hiring in a way that reflects our community. And always with the goal of bringing in the best journalists we can to cover Greenville.

We will listen to you

We want to be part of every community in Greenville, to hear what’s important to you, and to talk about what we do. This means that we are pledging to be in your neighborhoods, listening to you, and telling your stories. We won’t just parachute in from time to time, but work hard to be invested in the things you are invested in.

You are always welcome to contact me at sbruss@greenvillenews.com. And we welcome opportunities to come to your community and neighborhood meetings to hear what's on your minds – send me a note if you are interested in inviting us.

And you can contact any of our reporters at any time using the information on our staff directory page.

We will make Greenville better

Regardless of who our reporters are, our staff has a mission to serve the community, to help make Greenville an even better place.

The reason is simple: all of us who work at The Greenville News has chosen to live here. Our reporting is done out of a commitment to our community and to our fellow humans. But we acknowledge that we can do better and that we need to do better.

Because everyone has a voice, everyone has a story. It’s our job to tell those stories, to give a forum for those voices. And we are pledging to do that.

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